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Naturally Reneé


I can remember as a little girl growing up, how excited my sister and I would be to receive little presents from our grand ma Lula.  One year she sent a huge box of all kinds of beautiful bottles filled with “sweet smelling stuff “, as she would say. This box had all kinds of wonderful fragrances like Clinique, Paris and Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, White Linen and the holy grail Chanel No. 5.  Today we know these to be name brand fragrances.  Ever since then, I have ALWAYS been a lover of fine fragrances and well-made toiletries, candles, perfumes, and soaps.  If a product line I liked came out with a new fragrance, by-golly I had to try it out!  But, the problem I always ran into was the product sometimes did not give adequate moisture or the fragrance did not have a lasting quality.
In 1999, our first baby boy had a mild case of Eczema and so did I from my pregnancy while living in Denver, which is known to be a low humidity or dry state.  I knew that retaining moisture in the skin should be a key factor in any body moisturizer, and the moisturizer should be without all the harsh chemicals and alcohol that tends to dry out the skin.  Unfortunately, many companies love to put chemicals and alcohol in their products to save on cost.  So, I begin creating my own homemade recipes by combining the best in pure natural ingredients such as pure Shea Butter and Jojoba oils just to name a few.  I was very pleased with the outcome.  So fast forward to 2004, the hubby and I had our last child and the baby developed Eczema as well, but by then, I knew what to do and what to use.  My family members noticed how even and clear my skin had become and how my little boys’ elbows and knees begin looking and feeling more like skin instead of dried out leather ☺.  I begin making body care products for my co-workers, neighbors, my family members, and their friends.

I was truly astounded at the response for my products and in 2006, my husband and I began the research of starting our own business.  Our mission was to provide great quality body care products with the pure natural goodness that our customers, family, and friends deserve.  With life and living, things went up-side-down for us after 911 and in 2014 we relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and decided it was time to reintroduce the world to Naturally Renee. 

 A BIG THANKS goes to my belated grandmother who illustrated to me the importance of how a lady is to conduct herself, take care of her mind and body, and embrace life as a woman who sees herself as a beautiful commodity that adds unspeakable value to this world. 

Best Regards,


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