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Harness the power to purify, detox and improve your skin’s condition with Emerge.  This uplifting soak blend of Black Lava Charcoal combined with Teakwood and invigorating Juniper & Grapefruit essential oils. Naturally Renee’s Body Bath Soaking Salt has the ability to relieve your aching muscles from soreness while detoxifying the skin leaving you feeling relaxed grounded and renewed.  


Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with Naturally Renee’s Body Bath Soaking Salts. These three amazingly made bath salts are filled with all-natural fine grain Epsom & Dead Sea Salts blended with 100% all natural essential oils cocktailed with bits of fruit and organic herb pieces makes for the perfect daily bath time ritual.

Body Bath Salts (6oz) Emerge

    • Revitalize tired achy muscles

    • Infused with natural essential oils

    • Provides ultimate skin nutrition 

    • Contains organic ingredients

    • Reduces stress and swelling

    • Unique creative fragrance

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