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Float way in the delightful aromatherapy scent of soothing lavender and calming chamomile with a hint of ginger, then fall into the rapture of sweet apricot slices laced with an orangey spice cinnamon and a dash of vanilla completes this wonderful fragrance.


Turn your skin into something nice and smooth with Naturally Renee’s Shea Butter Sugar Scrubs. Bath time has never been sweeter. Experience these delightful original scented recipes infused with all-natural Shea Butter and Coconut oils blended with pure Vitamin E and Green Tea Leaf Extract.  Feel how it gently exfoliates your skin leaving you with soft, smooth, and supple skin with every touch. Your skin will thank you for its new healthy glowing appearance.

Shea Butter Sugar Scrub (8oz) Matu

    • Gentle scrubbing agent for dry patchy skin

    • Organic & Natural ingredients

    • Pure essential oils

    • Promotes healthy skin 

    • Tightens skins

    • Dewy clean glow

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